How To Make Your Own Floral Perfume - Natural perfume Recipes with flowers

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - May 29, 2010 - Perfumer Maggie Mahboubian displays her Passion Flower at her home garden in West Hollywood, CA. Photo by Kevin Scanlon NYTCREDIT: Kevin Scanlon for The New York Times

How often do you step out of your house without spraying a bit of fragrance? Almost never, right? That’s not just the case with you but with a majority of people who just can’t do without a perfume or a mist.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to smell pleasant all the time but you must know that most of your perfumes may contain preservatives or chemicals that can really harm your skin and pose threat to your health. How about making your own all-natural water-based perfume that is not only easy to make but is also free from any sort of toxins? Follow these three simple steps to make your own perfume out of flowers that grow in your garden.


In order to start making your perfume you first need to zero down on the flowers you want to use in the process. It is no rocket science of flowers though. Go for the flowers which are extremely aromatic and easily available too. Anything from roses to lavenders, jasmines, violets, honeysuckles, daisies or lilies can be considered given to the fact that these all smell heavenly. You can either mix different flowers or go for one kind of flower to create your own fragrance. Adding non-floral things such as scented leaves of mint or thyme, fruits like pears or citrus, spices like vanilla pod or liquorice root etc to your perfume can also be a great idea.

Once you have decided on the flowers, next you need is an aluminium saucepan, a cheesecloth, water and some container to store your perfume in. It is okay to use any sort of container you like but going for a fancy looking bottle will render your homemade perfume the look of those expensive, pretty perfume bottles that you get in the market.

Make-Perfume-Easily-(Water-Method)STEP 2: MAKE YOUR PERFUME

Wash the petals of the flowerthat you chose thoroughly. Make sure to clean off any dirt, fertilizers, pests or other contaminants so as to achieve an organic fragrance. What you need next is some distilled water. For this all you need to do is boil water and collect its steam. The steam will turn into distilled water. Now put this water into the aluminium saucepan, add petals to it and work it into a just-below-boiling simmer. It is important to note here that you do not want to cook your flower petals as it will only ruin their scent. Let the contents of your saucepan simmer for about two hours and do keep checking periodically to make sure that your pan isn’t boiling and also that the water in it is sufficient. Post this let the contents in the pan cool off. It is time to strain the content of your pan through the cheesecloth into your pretty storage bottle. Your exotic homemade, totally organic perfume is ready.

Make-Perfume-Easily-(Water-Method) safetySTEP 3: USE THE SCENT SAFELY

It is possible that while you may not be allergic to the flowersthat you use in making your perfume, it may not be suitable for direct application to your skin and can cause some allergic reactions or irritation. This doesn’t mean your effort that you put in making that perfume got wasted. You can use the perfume that you created indirectly. You can use it in your car’s air-vents, proprietary oil warmers oryou can simply use them on pieces of cloths to be hanged in warm places like over lamps etc and make your space smell heavenly.


Creating your own perfume from flowers or enfleurage, is a centuries old method that can be used by almost anyone. It is not only extremely easy but it is quite inexpensive too and the whole activity involves a lot of fun. Isn’t it exciting to know that you don’t have to shell out a lot of money for fine fragrances anymore as you can make your own variety of exotic perfumes? Do not wait up! Choose the flowers you want to transform into a sweet smelling perfume and use your homemade fragrance the way you want it.