How to Preserve your Precious Blooms? Dry Flowers, Press Flowers

Everybody loves receiving a precious bunch of blooms for a special occasion or even just buying their own to lighten and brighten up their life. Receiving flowers are meaningful and special.

If you’ve received the wonderful gift of flowers, then why not consider preserving them to keep the memories alive? Here we’ve got some great ideas on how to keep your flowers preserved to look back on and remember the feelings you had when you received them.

How-To-Dry-flowers-Header-blog120823How to Dry Flowers

There are a number of ways to dry flowers, but here we’ll discuss two ways to get the best results.

The easiest way is to actually hang the flowers. When you hang them make sure they are upside down. If you’ve got a larger bouquet it’s a good idea to separate them into smaller bunches for drying, as the process will be quicker and the flowers will dry more evenly.

Another option is to air dry the flowers. The best way to do this is to position them near a window so that they have air circulating around them. All you need to do is place them in a simple layer and let them dry. You can expect this process to take about a week.

You can use either of these ways to dry your flowers, place them in a vase of your choice and watch over those special memories. Dried flowers also look great and add some magic to your home.

press flowersHow to Press Flowers

If you don’t want to dry out your flowers you can press them. You can buy a pressing machine that literally squeezes the different layers of the blooms together for a nice and even look. But you don’t have to go to those lengths. You can simply press them in between a book. Here though you’ll need to place them in the book in between parchment paper or waxed paper. This will keep them safe and they’ll look great too.

Once you’ve pressed your flowers, you can do plenty of things with them. You can frame them in a great picture frame; add them to scrapbooks or any other way that you can display them for a great look. Why not use a wall in your house, and frame each bloom for a fantastic and unique display.

home-potpourri_022715_539_332_c1How to Turn Flowers into Potpourri

A lot of people love potpourri, and this is another great way to keep your flowers close to your heart. To make potpourri you’ll first need to dry the flowers, by hanging them, pressing them or air-drying them as we showed you how to do earlier.

Now you have to treat them very delicately to make sure that the petals don’t break, otherwise your potpourri display won’t look as impressive.

The flowers are now dried and not broken and the next step is to add some essential oils, spices and herbs to give off a wonderfully intoxicating scent. Once you’ve done this, place them in a central spot in your home and the aroma will fill the air with glorious aromas.

Keeping your Flowers

Don’t be tempted to just throw away a special bunch of flowers, rather use these methods to help you keep your memories blooming. A lot of people do it, so you should too. Save them, use them as keepsakes and fill your home with preserved flowers that look great.

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