Inside The National Rose Garden Delhi - India

Delhi - National Rose Garden

The National Rose Garden is one of the most-visited and scenic spots in Delhi. Delhi, the national capital of India, doesn’t have a dearth of such lush and bright places for sightseeing, but the National Rose Garden makes olfactory and visual senses go skinny dipping in the fountain of extraordinaire delight! It is the place that brings fun and flowers together!

Inside Facts about the Rose Flower Garden

  • This garden has some rarest varieties of roses from all over the world. Apart from roses, you can also see annual perennials such as daisies and periwinkles here to keep them company.
  • You can also see green and black roses here, which are practically impossible to find somewhere else.
  • However, be at your best behaviour because you are under constant surveillance and caretakers won’t let you pluck flowers from the garden. So, be civic and a good citizen and earn some good karma by not plucking flowers. Instead, if you are so fascinated by the beauty of roses and if they remind you of someone special, send roses plants to them in Delhi anywhere, anytime in India or the world!
  • The garden is maintained by Delhi government.
  • One of the main attractions of the garden is lotus pond.
  • No wonder, you can also spot hundreds of beautiful butterflies in the garden.

Rose garden Delhi

When to Visit Rose Garden in Delhi?

The National Rose Garden is in its full glory in the months from December to February.  The garden is open for public in February and March. The best part is you not only can enter the garden but also click as many as photographs for FREE! There is NO ENTRY FEE or NO EXTRA CHARGES for the CAMERA.

Timing of the Rose Garden, Delhi

The Rose Garden is open from 10:00AM to 6:00PM daily in the months of February and March (It is full of roses in this period of time).

How to Reach the National Rose Garden?

The garden is located at Satya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021

It is well-connected to different modes of transports. The nearest Delhi metro station is Dhaula Kaun and after that, you can take an auto to reach the garden. If you are visiting Delhi for the first time via the New Delhi Railway Station, the garden is only 7 km from the station.  Besides, AC and non-AC buses are also bound to the same route.

What else can you visit once you are there?

Make the most of your trip to the Delhi Rose Garden. If your eyes and olfactory senses are satiated by the abundance of roses all around you, you can head to the National Rail Museum and Dilli Haat. The museum is located at a distance of 1.2 Km from the garden whereas the Dilli Haat is just 5.2 km from it. Dilli Haat is a place where you experience culture and food from different parts of the country and shop for their unique handicrafts at reasonable prices. Hauz Khas Village, a place where you can shop till you drop and eat to your heart’s content while enjoying the lush and scenic sights can also be managed if you are willing to travel for 7 km.  Lodhi garden, however, is still close by with 5.1 km from the garden.

It is advised that you confirm the timing of each location you are planning to visit after your trip to the Rose Garden to save yourself from the wasted efforts.

So, don’t wait and block your dates in February and March 2018 to visit National Rose Garden, Delhi! For now, you can trust on the impeccable online flower delivery of Arena Flowers for a delightful experience.