Kiss and Makeup Day: Celebrate it with Flowers

Of all the species, humans have been bestowed with an amazing gift of evoking emotions and expressing them. At certain times, we often lose track of our feelingsand say things we don’t really mean. There are situations when we cannot help bickering and fighting over.  Be it marital discord, mounting tensions at work or siblings’ fight, we all know that those things really don’t matter and by the end of day when we gain our composure back, it seems like a petty issue that has been snowballed into a bitter feud. But it is too late and you cannot just figure out what to do!

42.1Keep it Simple, Silly.

This is actually an ages-old lesson of ‘forgive and forget’ boiled down to a clever yet simple approach of ‘kiss and makeup.’

If saying sorry hasn’t been possible then or you feel that things could have been different between you two, today is the day to move on and feel good about. August 25 is the Kiss and Makeup Day, when you can say that you are sorry for having reacted that way and would like to make up! Umm…definitely with flowers!

kiss n make up dayWhy Flowers on Kiss and Makeup Day?

Well, you already messed up, haven’t you? By not gifting flowers, you would not make it look like a half-hearted attempt. On a serious note, kiss day flowers have the magical power to speak echo of your feelings when words don’t help. With their soothing fragrance, they can help you to extend an olive branch and show the other person that you genuinely care.

If you are putting up in a different city, you can book flowers online and send it with a personalized ‘sorry’ note.

This is true that you don’t really need a special day to put forth your feelings but this is just the perfect excuse you need if you have not been able to muster the courage to say so.

So, we say don’t let this beautiful day just pass by.  Wherever you are, book your flowers now and let your loved ones know that how special they are and they still have that corner of your heart.