wedding2New Year is a day to rejoice and celebrate. It is a day to be merry and be joyous of the fact that a new year has dawned upon us. The day can be made much more special with the use of flowers to be gifted to friends, family and relatives. Flowers can express a lot without actually saying anything. Flowers have a great way about them, they can portray a wide array of emotions and especially on th joyous occasion of New Year when the entire world is up for merry making and revelry, flowers are the best gift to be gifted to everyone and anyone. One can make sure that this day is celebrated to the core by gifting a beautiful bouquet of flowers to his or her friends and family and making sure that they remember this day as one which brought upon smiles and happiness and the beginning of a year which promises to be great and awesome. Every person on New Year gifts something to his family members as well as his friends but when one gifts flowers the conjuring effect is much effective and brilliant. It brings forth a smile and lot of emotion without actually saying anything to the person. It is a gift that makes the receiver not only feel great but also very special.


Flowers speak a number of languages. It is basically the language of emotions in a colorful and physical form. The love and affection which is expressed when gifting flowers to anyone is beyond comparison. At the time of New Year when one wishes to express his love as well as wish his acquaintances good luck for the coming year, flowers turn out to be the best source of portraying the emotions. Flowers express a number of thoughts which one wishes to express without much fuss. Flowers have a great way about them which makes it very easy and great to express what is stored in your heart to your loved one. Flowers are undoubtedly the best and most awesome way to show your love and affection to the person with whom you want to spend your entire life or to any friend or to any family member. Whether you wish to express your gratitude or you wish to thank a person or simply wish him luck on New Year, flowers are the best way to do so.


The following flowers are the best ones to be gifted on the auspicious day of New Year:

  • Gerbera : The gerbera is a flower which expresses and represents celebration and as such it is the most natural to be gifted flower typeson the occasion of New Year. The Gerbera is available in a number of colors, however, the yellow one amongst them is the most preferred one when it comes of be gifted on the occasion of new year. It is a flower which can be gifted to friends or colleagues.
  • Rose: the king of all flowers, the rose, makes an entry at number second in our list. It is much preferred flower to be gifted to girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses or in short, partners. Gifting a bunch of red rose is the best way to proclaim your love and make the person feel not only special but also exceptional. There cannot be a better gesture of the fact that you love a person than by expressing the same with the help of red roses. And the fact that the proposal or expression of love is made on the first day of the Year, makes it all the more special and better.
  • Chrysanthemum: representing affection, Chrysanthemum is for family members. It is a flower which is available in a number of colors and is a pretty sight to see. A bunch of chrysanthemum is the best gift for any family member to make him or her feel special and gifted. The red chrysanthemum is much preferred across the world and makes it a great flower to be presented to the members of the family on New Year’s Day.
  • Tulips: The tulips is a flower which is associated with happiness and joy. The Tulips are one of the best flowers to be flowers meaningpresented to anyone on New Year. A bunch of Tulips can bring forth a smile even on the face of the sternest of men. Its expression of happiness is what one wishes to proclaim on New Year’s Day and gifting it to anyone be it a friend or a co-worker or a family member will definitely bestow happiness upon the person.

Now that you know all about Ney Year’s Flowers make sure you get just the best for your friends and family members this New year. You can Also try to mix it up and gift combination of flowers.