Flowers of India

Flowers are a beautiful gift of Mother Nature to the mankind. They can be used as a form of gift on special occasions or to cheer up a depressed person; flowers can be used as a show of affection on special days; we all use flowers as decorations for gatherings or parties; flowers can be simply placed in your house to bring in some fresh energy and uplift your spirits. There is so much that flowers can do with little to no restrictions and make the world a beautiful place.

We all have seen and we all know about a lot of pretty flowers in India, like the much-known roses or the lesser known orchids, but do you know that there are a lot of flowers that are totally unique in their appearance? While some of these flowers will make you grin, the others will totally blow your mind away. Let’s have a look at few of the most unusual flowers that you may not have heard of or seen. 


As the name suggests, this flowers resembles a moth in flight and hence is called Moth Orchid. It has become increasingly popular in recent years given to its suitability as a house plant. Also known as Phalaenopsis, these flowers are quite easy to grow and are known for blooming around the year. It can be found in nearly every color of the rainbow, from white to yellow, green, almost red and various shades of pink. Besides their unique appearance, the floriferousness and diverse color pallet of Moth Orchids make them a lot desirable.


Also known as the Clock Flower, this flower got its name due its likeness to the elements in the story of Jesus’s crucifixion (also called ‘The Passion’). It is an evergreen climber with flowers that look exotic and produce an amazing scent. This flower is sometimes followed by brightly coloured fruits that are used as flavourings in a number of different culinary dishes. It is a regularly grown flower on a butterfly farm as it is a food source for caterpillars & butterflies.


These flowers in  have been named so due to their uncanny resemblance to an angel wearing a gown. These exquisite flowers are mildly fragrant and are rather short in stature growing to about 5 inches in height. Angel Orchid flower blooms in cluster ranging from one single orchid to five, with a single heart shaped & rounded leaf which lies flat on the ground. Though it is rarely seen in cultivation but it truly is one of the gems of the orchid world.



This one could rightly be called one of nature’s true exquisite beauties. It grows as both a climber and a scrambler plant, produces unusual yellow or red flowers with wavy edges that depict flames, and thus is called Flame Lily. Given to its unusually pretty appearance, this flower is widely propagated as a prized ornamental addition to any flower garden. However, Flame Lily, like almost all other lilies, is considered poisonous for humans and animals alike. Beauty can sometimes be dangerous too!


No list would be complete without the mention of the extremely colourful and charming Lobster Claw flowers. Resembling the claws of a lobster, this tropical flower never fails to amaze and astound with its form and colour. This cheerful flower emerges from the clumps of leaves that look like bananas.


This one here is a rare oddity and you certainly must not have seen it before. The Monkey Face Orchid is an incredibly rare flower. It is a fuzzy bloom that, owing to its odd arrangement of petals, strongly looks like a monkey faced cotton ball. Also known as the ‘Monkey-like Dracula’ or the ‘Dracula Simia’, this flower at times also bears an uncanny resemblance to Simia (it is a kind of Lemur) because of its dotted eyebrows, dark eyes and furry nose, and its two long fang-like petals make it appear like a Dracula. Looks like Mother Nature did put quite some imagination while creating this flower! Monkey Face Orchids carry the smell of ripe oranges and are a must addition to any orchid connoisseur’s garden.

It is said that flowers evolved with a primary purpose that was to attract pollinators like birds and insects. However, their astounding appearances and stunning colours did manage to attract another kind of creatures, us humans. These pretty creations of nature do make one feel like a rainbow’s gushed through them. Listed above were few of the most spectacular and rare flowers of India that one could ever see. There are a lot ofother such flowers with surprising shapes and features. While some may bear resemblance to laughing bumble bees, others may look like dancing girls. Overall, Mother Nature has bestowed upon us some beautiful pieces of her remarkable creativity. Cherish them and enjoy their rarity!