Mullik Ghat Flower Market in Kolkata

Flower Market in Kolkata

Mullik Ghat(Malik Ghat) flower market is yet another colourful and fascinating side of Kolkata. The City of Joy hosts this place that puts a myriad range of human emotions on a display. Just one hour in this flower market and you would see petals, flowers, and garlands in their full glory. The fragrance of thousands and millions of flowers at one place would overwhelm you along with the constant clamor of human sounds that start to feel like a dull, throbbing pain after a while.

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Mullik Ghat Flower Marketkolkata flower market

The typical day of flower market starts with the consignments dropped by the wholesalers who would hold an auction to sell the flowers to the retailers. The workers and retailers usually live in makeshift arrangement and bathe in Howrah river. Well, if you are really on time, you can see the local wrestlers exercising and practicing their art in the sand. Yes, exactly what you watched in the movie, ‘Dangal,’ this time for real!

We found people come to this flower market for doing daily basis flower deliveries in Kolkata.

A walk in Kolkata Flower market will leave you reeling in the fragrance of petals and garlands layered and mingled with human odour, emotions and conversation of sorts. Be watchful of not crashing into the onlookers, trolleys, and carts. It will be an observation of a lifetime watching those porters carrying flowers to their destination and bending underneath the weight of flowers. Talk about flower power!

It is also said that Mullik Ghat is not only the largest flower market in Kolkata but also Asia’s. While we don’t have any data to back this up, but this market surely is a strong contender given the trade value.  The market is a wonder on its own. At least 125 years old, it has literally risen from the ashes like a phoenix after being completely gutted in a fire. Like the old Calcutta, the market is in tatters, but this hasn’t stopped the market to be a thriving place for the odd 2,000 sellers, who come to the market to earn their livelihood at about 3 am on a daily basis.

Be it for wedding décor, festivals or temple rituals, you have flowers for your every need! Wholesalers in Kolkata flower market also send flowers to the rest of country and abroad. You also have sellers and vendors sitting on the sidewalk, who would shout out to sell their wares. Besides, roses, tulips, carnations and chrysanthemums, you can also see vendors dealing in fake flowers and glossy leaves.kolkata flowers market - largest in Asia

How to Reach Kolkata Flower Market?

You can reach the flower market by local train. You can also hire a private transport like a cab or an auto.

Things Tourists should be Watchful for:

It is a narrow market with narrower lanes. Take care of your belongings. It is not advisable to take your kids or toddlers along with you.

It can be really sweaty and hot in Kolkata. So, catch the market as early as you can.

The street can be really busy, with vendors and porters carrying their loads you don’t want to become a hurdle in their way.