Footloose and Fancy-Free at Mumbai Dadar Flower Market

Mumbai Flower Market - Inside Story

In the Previous article, we introduced our journey to Hyderabad flower market. Now is time for Mumbai - Dadar flowers market.

The web of local trains and the chaos they brought as they approach the platform. Millions of people thronging and pushing their way into the train to reach to their destinations! The concrete jungle of high rise buildings and the rush to leave somewhere at any given point in the city that never sleeps, that my friend is Mumbai! And as if this city doesn’t see myriad of shades in Mumbaikars or their lifestyle, they have entire wholesale market dedicated to flowers! Densely populated, Dadar is a renowned commercial and residential hub. At Dadar West, you can walk into a lane of flowers that looks lifted straight out from a fairy tale except for the part of the negotiation, more chaos, and crowd. However, the daredevilry of Mumbaikars and daily commuters of local is also evident here. Although if you are going there to buy flowers in Mumbai flower market in small quantity than it's not ideal for you.

The Dadar flower market doesn’t welcome you with open arms because it simply couldn’t care less. However, if sometimes the pleasant and overwhelming mixed fragrance of flowers is any indication of hospitality, you have got it aplenty.

This wholesale market of flowers brings you every flower under the Sun. from roses to Mogra, from gerbera daisies to orchids and from lotus to peonies, the desi varieties to imported ones, here you have flowers that you would want to adorn your home or like to receive as a gift! Besides flowers, you also get flowers and ‘Tulsi’ leaves for puja and hawan. Garlands for wedding and temples can also be bought here on a wholesale basis. Veni or Ggajras to adorn your hair are also here!

What to Expect at Dadar Phool Gali Market

When it comes to selling flowers, don’t expect parity. You can spot a child selling a handful of lemon and Mirchii, the old-age Indian totka to ward off an evil eye, couples of vendors outlining their stock and squeezed in the place of one or dealers sitting in the kiosks or on wooden planks.  However, the only that is a common sight here is the chaos. A chaos that runs down from the top to bottom and feeds their stomach. Disruption innovative that brings food to the plate and we certainly won’t mind that. As you read along, you get accustomed to the discordant voices and the white noise and the asymmetric realm of the market, which is beyond any white and black spaces you have seen so far.

Apart from offering olfactory pleasure, the sights of flower market in Mumbai are a feast for the eyes! No wonder that the Phool Gali is immensely popular with the budding and amateur photographers for photo walking. This is where they can capture raw emotions, random conversations, animated expressions and human interactions at their best! No Snapchat filters and no Photoshop!  Besides, the vibrant and colorful hues of flowers juxtaposed with Mumbai sky, oh, one would never want to leave that such a thing to a chance.

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People from every corner of life come here to get flowers for weddings, religious ceremonies, and decoration. This largest flower market of Mumbai sells over 500 KGs of flowers.  It is an asymmetrical market and that my friends, is the utmost beauty of the market.  It is akin to the Japanese principle of Wabi Sabi, which thrives on the imperfection and finds beauty in acceptance.

Dadar Phool Gali is the biggest and only wholesale flower market in Mumbai. Every day, like a life cycle, day in and day out, trucks laden with all types of flowers and grasses come to this market from all over the state.  The consumption of the city is huge. No matter how many flowers come to the market, it is all swallowed and gulped by the retailers and wholesale buyers. The flowers are sold in this market by the weight, length, and numbers.

Time to Visit Phool Gali in Dadar - Mumbai

It depends on the side you are on.  People such as wedding decorators who would like to buy flowers in wholesale, market opens at 5:00 AM and make a point to start early because you wouldn’t like to miss a deal. Photographers too wouldn’t want to miss any photo opportunity. If you are a retail customer, you can visit anytime after 11:00 AM to get flowers for home or DIY floral arrangements.

How to Reach Phool Gali Market?

The Mumbai flower market is close to Dadar station. You can hop on to a cab or take a local to Dadar West. You can also rely on the wide network of BEST Mumbai buses. You can also find a parking space nearby if you reach early at the spot. However, if you want to enjoy, explore and experience the market without handling the traffic woes, get a public ride or a private cab.

Tips for the Visitors and Photographers

  • Visiting Dadar Phool Gali (Flower Market) on a rainy day can be very tempting. While you would admire the beautiful sky, vibrant colors of flowers and clear feel of the ambiance in general, but brace yourself against the mud slush, damp patches, and potholes. It is an indoor market and you can walk around easily on any given day. However, a messy floor will still be there for you to deal with.
  • When it comes to the trail of flowers, it can give Bollywood a rush for money in terms of grandeur. Every day there is fresh stock and you can see hundreds of people coming over, negotiating, sealing and packing the stock. However, it is always courteous to ask for permission before you click them. Expect a smile but don’t expect to indulge in small talks because they would hardly indulge. Time is of essence for them,
  • If you are planning to buy flowers from the vendors, it is time to show off your bargaining skills.
  • It is not just about Phool Gali. Dadar is a busy station in general. Hence, if the crowd is something that you would like to steer clear of, you may want to avoid the place altogether or rather stick to the second half of the day.

Walk a little ahead and you enter Meenatai Thackeray flower market in Mumbai. Like Dadar Phool Gali (Dadar Flower Market), this market is also huge in terms of numbers. It opens at 4:00 AM every day and gets flowers from neighboring states and cities such as Kolhapur, Sangli, and Satara. It gets its fair share of imported flowers and the cash register also goes ka-ching by the end of the day. If you want to head directly to this market, de-board at Elphinstone Road station.

Going to Mumbai flower market can be quite an experience. If you are up for having a close look at the segment that deals in flowers as a business or a commodity and not something as a life-altering messenger of Mother Nature while offering a myriad of portraits of human life, go for it! However, make sure to be courteous and seek permission before you click them, vendors or customers.

Go to the Dadar flower market in Mumbai if you are up for wholesale flower buying, however, if you want floral arrangements or looking for wedding floral décor, leave it to your online flower shop since it takes expertise and tools to give you creative arrangements with flowers, grasses, and props to complement your special moments.