Over time, the spice in a relationship can weaken. This is due to various factors, including children, stress and familiarity. It is important to perpetuate the sparks of romance in any relationship for both partners to feel loved and special. There are many ways to increase the amount of spice in a relationship that will keep the relationship exciting. Anticipating and planning ahead tantalizes the senses!!!

Firstly, we must tackle the decoration and make sure not to be disturbed, (with child care, unhook the phone, disconnect the internet).

Beautiful scenescandle light

For decoration play in the dim light, with small candles in candlesticks colors, if you do not put halogen lamps light the earth by lamps, and possibly behind a small cabinet to reduce brightness, sprinkle of fairy lights in red feathers for example).

Romantic mealromantic dinner

One way to spice up a romance is to plan a romantic meal. You can reserve a table at an expensive restaurant that caters for a romantic meal with candles and romantic music. Bring flowers from ArenaFlowers for your date in thanks. Be sure to spare no expense and the date feel special. You can also create your own romantic dinner at home or outdoors with a romantic picnic in the field. Make sure candles and wine or soft drink without special part of the evening. Choose romantic foods such as chocolate covered strawberries and spicy foods.

Bath Timeromantic bath

Another way to spice up a relationship must have a romantic bath together. If you plan a romantic rendezvous in a hotel and rent a room for the night or the weekend, choose a hotel with a large tub to make this more enjoyable. Dim the lights fill the bathroom with romantic elements, such as rose petals, candles and snacks. Make sure you have wine or champagne on hand for the bath. Equip water with bubbles and massage oils to bathe together a sensual experience.

Defining a mood

Any time together can be considered romantic and spicy. The key is to set the mood for spicy activities. Leaving your partner to find some spicy notes throughout the day is a way to keep the atmosphere you spicy. You can also call a spicy message or send a gift of sensuous elements that remind your partner of your time together. Do not send anything overtly dirty to an office environment to avoid embarrassment and trouble. The dates themselves can be spicy flirting like a new couple and avoid mundane matters.

Exotic locationsexotic locations

A date in a new location may increase the spice factor in any relationship. Go to a location that does not usually visit two of you. This could be a romantic weekend in a nice hotel or spa, exotic overseas holiday, a romantic cruise dates or even cheaper, such as trying a new restaurant or in your hometown like a tourist tour. Exotic and romantic places can trigger spicy and romantic feelings for a much more enjoyable time for the couple. Try something with a little risk factor, such as white water rafting or horse racing for even more spice.

Soothing music

In the atmosphere also consider putting the languorous music, what more sensual than the voices of those great American crooners (Barry White, Frank Sinatra, Lionel Ritchie, Ray Charles and many others ...) and a little more later in the evening you can put a captivating and lively music (Joe Cocker and his famous pieces, highly recommended piece for a crazy strip you can leave your hat on ... or a little swaying Shakira like the one that goes Whenever …Wherever.

Be creative and think outside the box

Take a chance and prepare several scenarios as you wish for the evening, a small massage room, improvised in your room, a sarong spread on your bed, surrounded with rose petals, sensual massage oil, a dice game to make way for hazard, sexy costume for a set of rascals roles with your beloved, vibrant accessories or not ..

Send sexy texts prior session to your partnerromance

Make the pleasure last and tantalize your remote partner, sending SMS or IM with small sweet words and allusions to the evening, see special requests that you may like it or you do it ... and what you intend to do it!

Some makeups for ladies

Finally, you think a little, sophisticated makeup (if you are a woman, of course), with doe eyes and luscious lips ... a sexier outfit (valid both for a man than for a woman!!!) you can dare, you are home and normally nobody should come to disturb you, so do not hesitate; get out all the stops...

I have one word to say: enjoy yourself, you undoubtedly take pleasure in your marriage and all your small, everyday worries will fly at least the space of the evening that will remain in your memories, experience repeat regularly...

Good evening with friends!