Perk up your Dinner Table, Conversations and Life, in General!

After a while, when nothing seems to jazz you up, your mood or even the dinner table where you look forward to see your family after a long day, you  know that it is time to resort to some new things. While you cannot do much about your family members’ habit of not even as much as lifting their heads from their smartphones or not talking to each other and eating food while their eyes are fixed on the TV screen, you can definitely do your bit and hope to improve some things at your end. Wanna know how? Read on!

[caption id="attachment_701" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Flowers on Dinner table look refreshing Flowers on Dinner table look refreshing[/caption]

Bling things Up!

Nope, we aren’t asking you to buy gold crockery! It is time to introduce flowers to your dinner table arrangement; after all, they are capable to bring more bling and magnificence to any interior and are much cheaper. Whether your choice is daisies, dahlias, tulips or multi-colored roses, one thing is for sure that flowers capture attention and alter mood for good.

Be it a bestseller bouquet or mixed flowers combination of chrysanthemums and carnations, the impact is going to be cataclysmic.  So much that your better half and kids might say a word or two, while eating. K

You can also think to introduce some green to your décor. You can get moneyplant to indoor bamboo plant or even place shade-loving plants on window sill to induce feel-good vibe.

Keep your Office Away:

Clearly, office tables and dining tables have different ergonomic properties. They aren’t meant to be together. So, take the cue and stop talking ‘office’ when you are with your family and having dinner.  There is no harm in discussing your office situations with your spouse and taking an outsider’s perspective but this can be very monotonous and coma-inducing for the other person to listen to you speaking about office on a regular basis.

Say ‘No’ to Smartphones on Dining Table:

The smarter thing, sometimes, is to leave the smartness and go back to the days when things used to take their own sweet time to reach you. Folks, relax have some time to yourself and your food and keep your smartphone at bay. It will be difficult at first, but I am sure you will survive without your smartphone at least for that short span.

Organize a Dinner Party:

If hosting a dinner extravaganza is not your thing, invite a small group. You can also call your BFF or parents over for some quality time. This way, you can keep the dining regime far from being mundane and keep the conversation ongoing.

Ensure some ‘Me’ Time:

It is very important to get away from the chaos and the mundaneness that surrounds you.  Wake up early and have your morning tea in the balcony where you could see the sun.  Open windows and let the sunlight come in.

Just a word of caution: don’t expect something magical overnight except from the flowers as they are blessed in this department to make you feel good and induce positive feelings. Just stick around and things will slowly start looking up!