Plan a Getaway from Stress with Flowers - Relaxing Holidays With Flowers

stress free zoneStress needs no reason to pop up! Running late for office? Guests coming over during weekdays or weekends happen to betoo far away?  Messed up at work or had personal life all goofed up? Well, we don’t even know that our bodies work overtime to cope up with the stress, which happen knowingly or inadvertently at times. Like the body, mind too needs getaway from the routine hazard we place it at.  Thankfully, that is not even half as expensive as your last vacation. Because the answer doesn’t lie in bars and there are more options than getting your tickets booked.

A study published by Evolutionary Psychology and conducted at Rutgers University has concluded that buds can be mood influencer and capable to trigger good feelings. The research connects the flowers to well-being, composure and creativity. Herbs and flowers like lavender, rose, patchouli and passion flowers are already known as the stress buster all over the world.

According to this study, flowers can alter your mood and incite positive social behavior. Regardless of what age group you belong to, blooms can direct you to a higher way of lifestyle while bringing emotional and social benefits on board.

Step-5-Yellow-Wildflower-CenterpiecesThe study showed that how the recipients of flowers showed positive feelings and felt happy throughout the day as well as remained positive under pressure. Not just this, the light and positive feelings continued for days in the case of female participants while enhancing intimacy and bond with the relatives and friends.

The Harvard study also maintained that the men and women who gift flowers were known as capable, happy and courageous people in their social circle.

The study also explored the place of flowers in the home interiors. It found that people who feel lethargic and moody during mornings can calm their aggression with flowers considerably. Flowers can make homes more welcoming and receptive while enhancing the well-being of your loved ones. The feel-good emotions were found to be increased over the time and carried over to the work, only to be more productive and stay focused.

Meanwhile, a study conducted at Texas A&M showed that men generated more ideas whereas women came up with more flexible and creative solutions in the presence of flowers during the study.

Additionally, a study done by Japanese scientists has reported that certain fragrant plants such as lavender, lemon and lavender can activate particular gene activity resulting in reduced stress levels.

Can flowers help you too?

Yes, if you don’t want to fell victim to anxiety or stress and could definitely use increase productivity levels and creativity. If you don’t have time for aromatherapy or spa that anyways utilizes oil and scents extracted from flowers, keeping the flowers handy can soothe the elevated level of stress while being much lighter on your pocket too. Stay focused, feel great and be energetic with flowers! Bring flowers to your home and into your lifestyle to enhance the overall well-being. While meditation, medication and going away from the mess can help the serious stress levels, flowers can do their bit too, without actually having any side effect on your budget or body.