Rangoli and its Spiritual Significance / Meaning

Rangoli and its Spiritual Significance:

It is considered auspicious to draw rangoli in Hindu Dharma during special occasions and religious ceremonies.  Rangolis are believed to have spiritual perspective and benefits. It is said that with the change of color, design and form, the vibration of a rangoli changes. There have been several internet resources and booklets on rangoli designs that attract and transmit energies of deity principles.  The devotees are said to have experienced several feelings ranging from spiritual energy to divine energy, divine consciousness and serenity.

The trend of rangoli isn’t new. In fact, African tribe of Amazon jungle has something similar art in practice like rangoli that is drawn after praying. The prayers are performed for half a day and after the drawing of rangoli, the tribes sit patiently around the rangoli pattern. The patterns attract animals and then, the tribe folks kill them. It is important to note that the tribe doesn’t kill them but use the color and design of rangoli to attract them and then hunt them.

Earlier in ancient times, women used to chant hymns and sacred bhajans while creating rangoli and pattern. Especially, if it is rangoli for Diwali or such auspicious occasions, it had to have that spiritual angle to create energy centers, which can have positive impact on people. The pools of energy created by specific patterns of rangoli motivate and channelize positive energy in people.  Since only natural materials such as sindoor and haldi were used to create rangolis, these were nature-friendly too.

Why Symmetry of Rangoli is important?

The design of rangoli is very important to channelize its energy level. If you want to underplay it, go for a rounded design. If you want to go for sharp energy levels, go for rangoli designs that have sharper sides.  Since the spiritual gurus believe that rangolis are a science of creating energy, the design, symbols, lines and colors, all play an important role.  In fact, experts take example of Leonardo da Vinci’s symbolism and the science behind it to make people understand the design and mechanism of rangoli making.  Like the symbolism explained in Dan Brown’s novels, back home, we have rangoli and its symbolism that can mean more than it meets the eye.