Reason-Based Analysis of Feel-Good Factor of Flowers

People believe that flowers are a Godsend and they have pretty good reasons with strong scientific backing, for saying so. The gorgeous blooms in every form, be it a cheerful fresh flower bouquet or a single stem bud, have the capacity to make you feel better and happy.

The good news is that you don’t have to invest in pretty costly flower essences or believe their high-handed claims that promise to give you miracle decisive power or instill confidence and self-esteem in you.  Nope, you know, nothing can do that for you in this world except you and only you have the potential to change that part of you. What flowers can do is to make you and your surrounding feel pretty good. What they cannot do is to substitute your therapy or medication. But they can definitely uplift your mood and trigger happy, feel-good vibes in you.shutterstock_94460365

Why Flowers Make you Feel Happy?

How do you feel when you camp at a far-flung riverside? What exactly are your emotions when you take a weekend off to go to the nearby beach and see the Sun rising over the horizon? Aren’t you left speechless when you see the beautiful patches of daffodils by the roadside when you drive to the suburbs?

If you have answered to the above questions, you know why you feel happy in the presence of flowers. Away from the chaos and frantic paced life, they give you a dash of bright and calm. Their colors, just the right amount of pigments (Mother Nature is such a wonderful creator) also make you feel peppy and all perked up. When flowers can fire up even the dullest of décor in a few minutes, imagine what they can do to your mood!

Flowers are the gift of Mother Nature and there isn’t a person who doesn’t feel good in the presence of nature. When a person receives flowers as a gift, the connection between nature and the person is revived. Since the fragrance of flower is natural and always pleasant, very unlike the artificial fragrance of scents and essences, it doesn’t overwhelm you and makes you feel relaxed. In this fast-paced and concrete world of ours, only flowers and greens are the link between the nature and us. This is why even if you give a small, single bud of wild rose to your beloved, it turns into that small yet magnificent gesture, which makes somebody feel incredibly loved and cared for!

Moreover, researchers at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, have conducted a behavioral study for over 10 month and concluded that flowers indeed uplift emotional quotient and prompt happy feelings in people.  During this research, the researchers also placed flowers at the participants’ homes and the results weren’t surprisingly different from what they have expected.  People felt happy around flowers and showed strong positive feelings.

So, let the flowers bloom and brighten up your work place and home! Stay surrounded with Nature and let them do the happy work for you. Let the stress, anxiety and routine don’t win you over and instead, decide to stay calm and feel happy with flowers!