Single Red Rose: Meaning, Symbolism and History

Single Red Rose Meaning

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Red Rose History and Significance

In the western cultures, roses have often found space in literature, artwork, and poetry. Shakespeare had termed rose as an eternal beauty and that "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!"Robert Burns went on to compare the love of his life to a red rose. In ancient Rome, the red roses were associated with the Virgin Mary. In Asia, it is believed that Lord Vishnu, the supreme God created Goddess Laxmi from 108 large and 1,008 small rose petals. Thus, a red rose is the symbol of sacred and divine beauty as well for the Indians.

In ancient Roman and Greek iconography, red roses were linked with Venus, the Goddess of love.

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The meaning of one red rose is sent through messages with single roses with heartful expressions.

Red Rose Meaning

Rose come in a rainbow of colors. You can even find different shades of red in roses, all carrying different meaning and symbolism. However, they all speak the language of love and romance! A bright red rose flower means a love life that is fulfilled, while a burgundy rose implies a one-sided romance that has yet to be accepted.

In every way, be it to personify beauty or passionate love, a red rose is an expression to convey the purest and deepest of affection. Red is also the colour of blood, which again, epitomizes the pinnacle human existence and core.

So, whether you are going with a single, long-stemmed rose, rose petals or a fresh flower bouquet made of brightest and freshest of roses, these are the perfect way to tell your loved ones that you are in love with them!

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