The Difference between Spray Roses and Roses

A rose is a rose is a rose. Well, probably not. Roses come in different varieties mainly spray roses, shrub roses and single roses.

What is spray rose?

A spray rose is smaller and miniature version of common rose.  Spray roses aren’t used to make fresh flower bouquets as these are smaller and have short stems.  For making table-top centerpieces, corsages and small floral arrangements, spray rose is the go-to option. Spray roses have shorter stem and can be used to provide lush appearance and thick structure to the bouquet.

Spray roses often grow on a rose bush from a peduncle. These peduncles are divided into several small stems, resulting in a single blossom. From 4 to 45 petals can be found in a spray rose.

Spray roses as gift:

Potted plants are usually the better option if the owner is going to keep them in cubicles or small apartments. These are affordable and still possess the same beauty and fragrance of classic roses.

Arranged in a cluster, these are an amazing way to give the floral arrangement a thicker look. And you can see flowers at their several growth stages, from a bud to smaller bloom and full flowers.  These can be semi-blooms, double blooms or full blooms. The color of flowers can go from pink to deep red and white.

However, the signature small cluster formation of spray roses can disappear in floribunda roses, which have full size blooms.  The height of spray roses can go up to 12 to 36 inches.

Spray Roses vs. Roses:        

Classic roses have long sturdy stems and main feature of Valentine’s Day bouquets.  The stem of spray roses or garden roses is fragile and short, often grown from a single stem. Long stem roses are usually one bloom per stem.  Other than the smaller size and fragile nature of spray roses, there is no such path breaking difference between the two. Even the colors of roses have similar meanings. However, the price of spray roses happens to be more than the standard roses since these are cultivated and hybrid on a large scale and have better vase life.  These are also commercially viable flowers than the classic roses as the latter happens to be lesser productive and more difficult to sustain and survive in home environments and when cut from the main stem.

Fun Trivia:

Spray roses are usually referred to as sweetheart roses.