wedding3It is a widely accepted fact that when guests come into your wedding the first thing that they notice is decoration. In many a countries such as India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh people decorate not only the wedding venue but also their houses with flowers.

  • In Hindu weddings, Marigold or “gendas” are the most commonly used flowers. Marigolds both of yellow and orange color have been the traditional favourites at weddings in India.  There are many options but marigold always remains a popular choice. No matter whether the wedding is small or big, marigold is widely used flower. It’s a long lasting one and stays fresh for 2-3 days. Marigold petals are also used to make “Rangoli”, it is sprinkled on it to add beauty.
  • Tulips are also widely used in weddings. It signifies the public announcement of love towards your beloved. Even before youare pronounced man and wife, using tulips symbolizes your love for one another.

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