flowers languageJanuary with carnation

Violets for February

In the Victorian era, violet was the birth flower for February. It used to signify humility, chastity and faithfulness. These sweet scented flowers are perfect if you want to show how true and faithful you are to him/her.

Daffodils and March

The daffodil is the birth flower for March. Coming in different colors with yellow, orange and white, they look pretty. The trumpet shape of the flower makes it so adorable with fragrant white and yellow shades. It signifies friendship and happiness, so you can gift these beautiful trumpet flowers to your loved friends who brought happiness to your life.

The sweet pea in April

InApril, there is sweet pea, which has the hidden meaning of blissful pleasure or good-bye. The flower is also taken to say “thank you for a lovely time”. Coming in a range of different colors, the flower is so pretty that many varieties have been developed on it. The flower has got a pleasant pastel color texture.

mixed bouquetLily of May

Nothing could be a better birth flower than the lily of the valley for May. This graceful flower signifies the sweetness. It has got a hidden message, which also says “you have made my life complete”. The beautiful white color is a true heart winner.

Love of roses in June

Now roses come and they take as the birth flowers of June. Rose being itself the most beautiful flower, signifies love and beauty. Coming in many colors, each color speaks a different meaning. The red say “I love you”, the orange to tell “you are my secret love”, pink is to signify “please believe me”, while the white stands for “I’m worthy of you”.

Express with larkspur in July

If the birthday falls in July, the flower of this month is larkspur. The flower stands for open heartiness and ardent attachment. The white larkspur stands for joy and happiness, whereas the purple was meant for “you have a sweet disposition”.

Gladiolus, aster, marigold and narcissus taking half the year

Gladiolus standing for sincerity is the birth flower of august. Available in a wide range of colors like yellow, orange, red, pink and white redthe flower also signified love at first sight.

When September has arrived, the birth flower aster comes to life. With beautiful meanings like wisdom, faith and love, the flower was a favorite of all, as the other beautiful meaning hidden in it was “take care of you for me”. Be the white aster or the red one, all appear wonderful.

Blossoming in the beginning of the October month marigold becomes the birth flower of this month. The fluffy flower is available in two colors, yellow and orange. The compressed petals give the flower an oval ball look and it’s so cute to be held in hand.

Symbol of cheerfulness and love, the chrysanthemum is the birth flower of November while narcissus is the birthday flower of December. Narcissus represents modesty, faithfulness and respect. Also known as daffodil looks so pretty in its white and yellow shade.

Yes, the flowers don’t have tongues but their beauty speaks a thousand emotions. Try giving some birthday flowers to your loved ones and be sure of getting hugs and smiles. They are the true heart winner, flowers can truly make someone’s day.