roses - gardenRoses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet and so are you!’

‘Roses are red, Sky is blue, I suck at poetry but I love you!’

We all have had our own versions of this ‘Rose’ poem as kids. Roses have been associated with feelings since antiquity. From ‘I love you’ to ‘I am sorry’, nothing gets easier to convey your emotions than saying it with roses, and why not? After all,the rose stands alone in the world of flowers with its varied range of colours and its abundant history.

For ages, roses have been used to convey messages without words, just with their beauty. How about you add a little extra sentiment to your silent message of affection while sending out your next bouquet of roses? Our comprehensive lowdown on the colours and meanings of roses is here to be your ultimate source of rose interpretation.

The following classification of roses are based on a survey executed by at Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad city.   A small survey associated to flower lovers to express the meaning behind each color of rose.

red rosesRED ROSE

This one here is one of the most universal of all the symbols of love. Red roses represent true love and this is no secret. Valentine’s Day might actually cease to exist without this bold and dramatic flower that is universally known as the lover’s rose. For long now, red roses have been associated with beauty and perfection, and are a time-honoured way of saying ‘I love you’.

yellow rosesYELLOW ROSE

It is surprising to know that in some very ancient cultures yellow roses have been considered as symbols of jealousy and infidelity. Thank god for their cheerful beauty, these flowers have, for long now, traditionally been associated with friendship and joy. Yellow roses send across a message of platonic love and appreciation. Yellow colour as it is represents feelings of joy and delight and so it wouldn’t hurt sending a bouquet of these sun-filled blooms to a friend or to someone you want to cheer up.

white roseWHITE ROSE

One of the most innocent and pure looking flowers, white rose symbolizes purity and innocence. Early traditions even used these flowers as a symbol of true love only to be replaced by the passionate red roses. Traditionally these flowers are associated with marriages and new beginnings, and thus are often referred to as the bridal rose. The quiet beauty of these flawless flowers also makes them a gesture of remembrance. Hence, a bouquet of white roses is a perfect way of conveying, ‘I am thinking of you’.

pink rosePINK ROSE

You can find different variations in the colour range of pink roses. From a subtle hint of pale pink blush to deep & bright pink roses, each of these flowers has its own meaning and implication.These flowers, a classic symbol of grace and elegance, are absolutely versatile when it comes to conveying feelings. While dark pink roses are a symbol of appreciation, gratitude and saying thanks, admiration & gentleness are two such expressions that can be easily associated with light pink roses.

orange roseORANGE ROSE

The vibrant tones of an orange rose symbolize desire and enthusiasm. A literal mixture of red and yellow, these flowers are a cross-over between the two emotions that yellow and red roses convey, i.e. friendship and love, respectively. The vibrant, cheerful and blazing energy of these flowers also makes them the wild child of the rose family. These fiery blooms will make it extremely easy for you to convey your emotions of fascination as well as passion towards someone.



A lavender rose is probably the most mystical of all the roses because of its fairy-tale like perfect colour. This is why it is often associated with the emotion of love at first sight, just like that of Cinderella and Prince Charming, mystifying indeed! Purple, in fact, is considered a royal colour which means all the shades of lavender roses represent an air of splendour, regal majesty and opulence. So, if you want to convey your deepest love and admiration for someone in a majestic way, Lavender roses should do the trick for you!


Regardless of their unique beauty, colour variation and subtle fragrance, each of these roses do convey a hidden message of love that is sure to elicit delight from the recipient and well, envy from others. Just like the wise Shakespeare had said, ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’, so no matter what its colour is, ‘A rose is a rose is a rose’.