The Meaning of Carnations

The Meaning of Carnations

We all know that feeling of receiving a bunch of flowers, but did you know that each flower has a special meaning, often rooted in history. In this post, we’ll cover the meaning of carnations, so that you can choose the perfect bunch of flowers from Arena Flowers, India for the right occasion and to send the right message. Look out for more posts regarding the Carnations flower meaning.

What do Carnations Meaning?

The overall meaning behind carnations is fascination, distinction, and love, so if you’re trying to impress your sweetheart, these could be a good option to go for.

eighteen-pink-carnationsFirstly, carnations are scientifically known as Dianthus caryophyllus and they are rich in history and are a very meaningful flower bouquet choice. They are beautiful, delicate and charming all in one.

Scientific Carnations Meaning

The scientific name Dianthus translates to ‘flower of the gods’ or ‘flower of love’, but there is quite a lot of debate about this. While some people suggest that their name comes from the word ‘corone’ meaning flower garlands, or ‘coronation’ because it was used in Greek ceremonial crowns. Other theories say that the name originated from the Latin ‘carnis’meaning flesh, which referred to the flower's original pinkish-hued colour. There are more! Others say it came from the word ‘incarnacyon’ meaning incarnation, which referred to the incarnation of God-made flesh.

Did you know that carnations are one of the world’s oldest cultivated flowers? People love it for its ruffled appearance, its amazing scent and they last long too, so you get to appreciate them for longer.252-carnation-flowers-pink-800x600

The history of this stunning flower dates back to over 2,000 years ago to ancient Greek and Roman times when it was used in art and decor. Christians believe that the first carnation bloomed on earth when Mary wept for Jesus when he carried his cross. In these early times were you mostly found carnations in pale pinks and peach colours, but as time has gone by, so we’ve got more colors now which include red, white, purple and even green. Quite a choice! The carnation was and has continued to be one of the most popular flowers all over the world, which shows its appeal to people far and wide.

As we mentioned in the beginning, the meaning of carnations includes fascination, distinction, and love. But as with all other flowers, it’s not just the meaning of the flower you need to think about, you need to think about the different colors, as these two have different messages.

Carnations Meaningful Colors

Light red carnations are often used to express admiration, but on the other hand, a dark red carnation is more about deeper feelings of love and affection. White carnations have a different meaning altogether and are linked to pure love and good luck, while pink carnations are a sign of gratitude. Purple carnations imply unpredictability, and pink carnations carry the greatest significance which began with the belief that they first appeared on earth from the Virgin Mary’s tears, which made them a symbol of a mother's undying love.purple-and-White-Carnations-Bouquets

Did you know that in the early 20th Century, carnations became the flower of choice and official flower for Mother’s Day? All over the world flowers occasionally have different significances. You can always ask Arena Flowers in Ghaziabad to help you pick out the right color to convey your special message.

Carnations have stood the test of time and are still a favorite flower of choice for all sorts of occasions like weddings, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, get well flowers, anniversaries and much more. People immediately recognize them, and they certainly have an air of charm, whilst being alluring at the same time. They will certainly grab attention. Unbelievably in many countries the world over, carnations are actually a favorite flower, even more, popular than roses.

If you want to send a powerful and sentimental message then these are the perfect flower for their unforgettable beauty and as we said their long-lasting freshness, to keep someone happy with a stunning bouquet.