The Meaning of Flowers – Gerberas

42.1Gerberas are truly stunning flowers with their gorgeous, rich colours and their classic appearance. Did you know that Gerberas are the fifth most popular flower in the world?

Gerberas are part of the daisy family but are a larger variation of them. Their overall meaning is innocence, purity, cheerfulness and joy. As we said, they come in loads of different vibrant colours and sending these flowers will certainly make someone’s day.

If you’re looking to cheer someone up an arrangement of Gerberas is your best choice. It is also the birth flower of April, so is you want to send a bouquet for someone’s birthday in April, this is your flower.

gerbera9They’ve got large flowering heads and almost look like sunflowers, but in colours for every single occasion. Gerbera daisies are almost as large as sunflowers too. Their stem is long and tubular with large leaves. There are 30 different species of the Gerbera daisy including the Ambigua and Crocea. However, most cultivated varieties are derived from the common Gerbera daisy, the Gerbera jamesonii. These flowers grow to about a foot in height with the average bloom measuring four inches wide.

The Gerbera was discovered in 1884 near Barberton, South Africa, by Scotsman Robert Jameson. Although the scientific name, Gerbera Jamesonii, is closely linked to its founder, the meaning of its common name comes from the German biologist Traugott Gerber. The gerbera daisy is part of the species of the family that includes sunflowers and asters.

Breeding programmes began in England in 1890, and through these breeding programmes, this is how we got the Gerbera that we know and love today, which exudes quality and of course those amazing colours.

The Gerbera’s soon became popular and travelled to growers in the Netherlands. Between the Netherlands and Columbia, these are the primary distributors of the world’s cut version across the world today.

As we mentioned the Gerbera is currently is the fifth most popular flower in the world, with roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and tulips taking the top spot.

Their meanings stem from those meanings that are associated to the general daisy family and include innocence and purity, friendship, as well as being a classic symbol of beauty.

RAINBOW-GERBERAHowever, the Gerbera has an additional meaning, and that’s cheerfulness. This is because of their amazing colour varieties. Receiving a bunch of Gerbera’s will without a doubt make someone a very happy person!

As there are so many colours available, this has meant that it has become a favourite choice for many different occasions. Often they get sent on birthdays, to add a little cheer to someone who is recovering from an illness sending a get well message, to say congratulations on an achievement, to say thank you and many more. They are extremely versatile, so whatever the occasion you can’t go wrong with Gerberas.

You get vibrant pink, snow white, cheerful yellow, and ruby red are just some of the gorgeous colors you’ll be able to choose from.

Light pink Gerberas stand for admiration and sympathy, which means they’re often sent as an act of friendship or as a get well present. The darker pink daisies are a symbol of gratitude and are often given to say thank you.

As another example, the brightly-coloured orange Gerberas represent feelings of warmth and creativity. Giving orange gerbera daisies to someone will express a message of friendship and kindness. Because of the bold colour, orange Gerberas also represent sunshine and happiness.

Red Gerberas, especially when presented in a bouquet, symbolise "unconscious in love."

There are so many flowers to choose from when it comes to sending that special message, but the Gerbera stands out as the most bright and merry! Their bold and striking appearances even make their way to weddings as they mean purity and innocence. It is a highly-prized daisy variety. Send these flowers and you’ll know that you’re sending a deep and meaningful message and they will definitely make an impression.

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