The exoticness and beauty of the orchid flowers make them an often sought after bloom. Not only are orchids prolific but they are also unique, not that easy to grow but infinitely beautiful. Their elegant beauty and mesmerising scent makes them the most popular flowers in the world. Did you know that there is more to these fascinating flowers than just their beauty? Check out these exciting facts about Orchids that are sure to surprise you!


1.     Orchids are one of the most diverse group of plants

Over 25,000 species of Orchids have been discovered so far and scientists are finding more and more almost every day. With such different varieties of Orchids being found all over the world, it has been proved that these certainly are the largest family of flowering plants that exists.

2.     Orchids have the tiniest seeds

A single Orchid seedpod can contain millions of Orchid seeds that can be easily compared to the size of a speck of dust that is only visible when under a microscope.This is why it is sort of challenging to grow and cultivate these pretty flowers.

3.     Orchids are slow growers

Yes, it is true that growing an Orchid requires a lot of patience as it takes the first orchid flowers at least five to seven years to appear post germination. But this should not stop you from cultivating this pretty plant as once it blooms, it can live up to 100 years. This too varies from species to species. While some orchid flowers may last for years, some will live for six months and others may wilt within hours of blooming. Quite a finicky flower species, isn’t it?

orchid plants4.     The size of Orchid flowers can really vary

World’s smallest orchid flower is a little over 2 mm wide with transparent petals that are only one cell thick. It is as tiny as the head of a pin and belongs to the Platystele genus. On the other hand, the tallest Orchid flowers known as Sobralia altissima can grow up to 44 feet tall and 11 inches across. What a variation?

monkey - orchid

5.     Orchids resemble creatures from animal kingdom

It is interesting to learn that some of the Orchids strangely resemble creatures from the animal kingdom. While Ophrys apifera, also known as Bee Orchids, bear a striking resemblance to a bee, Dracula Simia, also known as ‘Monkey Orchids’ look very similar to the face of a monkey. Still not fascinated?

6.     Vanilla is a specie of Orchid

Certainly one of the most popular flavours known to the mankind, the vanilla flavouring that is used in Ice Creams, Cakes and other such lip-smacking delicacies actually comes from Orchids. This flavour is extracted from the pod of Vanilla planifolia which is a species of Orchid. It is a vine-like, climbing orchid that produces a bean which can be dried and used as a flavouring.

7.     Orchid flowers grow upside down

When orchid flowers mature, they always grow upside down in their natural habitat. There petals tend to be thick and heavy, hence it is only normal that they grow in such an interesting way.

Whether you want to gift these pretty blooms to someone or you simply want to use them to decorate your home or during any party that you are throwing, you can never go wrong with Orchids. The growing popularity of these flowers speaks volumes about how Orchids are slowly putting the whole world under their beauty’s spell.