Tips And Tricks For Making Silk Flower Arrangements

wedding1Flower arrangement serves beautiful touch an environment. For brightening your home with silk flowers, then make a right choice of color and style.. Silk flowers often look stunning; despite they are made of silk. They are excellent aesthetic and economical alternative to a real flower, especially in the areas like entryway, glass table top and bedrooms. They are also a good choice for areas where it is damaged, including a computer table. They can also brighten an office atmosphere and stay fresh for a long time.

Good quality silk flower design with detailed work make it difficult to think that those are not real flowers, no matter how close you are. From its petals to pistons, stem nothing can look artificial. You will feel tempted to go nearby and smell the flower for who will think it is real flowers and only that way the secret will be out. Every common flower is available in silk and can be purchased from a craft store. Mix it and make a beautiful flower arrangement, of any sort and size. Ferns and other fillers can be used for arranging the silk flowers. According to the changing season, change the colors and flower types like summer daisies, red winter poinsettia, orange autumn sprays and for spring use splashes. Trim the size of stems and place it a vase or basket or in a container. A large flower arrangement will bring an urn look to the corner of a house.

Proper care is required for silk flowers for keeping them fresh. Dusting with a canned air will help in keeping the flowers fresh and new. When you rotate the arrangements as per season then keep the off season flowers in any plastic bag and put in a box such a way that it will not get crushed. If you do not find the right flowers for the arrangement, then buy a ready-made silk flower bouquet.

Choose the right color

First, decide what should be the overall color for the arrangement. Silk flowers do not compliment a room color that exactly wedding-flowers-wedding-flower-pictures-10unless common color are used like yellow, white and the flowers must be identical in the shade of wall otherwise it will show how original they are. Select some mix colors of flowers with good textures for a live feel. Three or four colors can be chosen with long good stems and simple color give a realistic look than bright and harsh colors like pink, orange, violet and all.

While choosing the flowers, the leaves and stems must be dark and mute color. Different size and shaped leaves together look more real than uniformly bright green leaves. Clusters of wild and small flowers is a good choice rather than choosing strong large flowers because those flower arrangements will not look realistic so small blooms are better. Select flowers according to different texture and shape and keep them in same size scale, but good for narrow, long, round and shorter clusters and also some single pieces of flowers also. You can visualize the flower arrangement once with small clusters and put some right filler, which is the most crucial part of silk flower arrangement in realistic.

For greenery select muted and carried the colors of flowers if you are putting it in the backdrop of your house rather than as a silk-wedding-flowerscenterpiece. More realistic feel is needed, then fern and needle type silk greenery will bring the evergreen look. Some wide greenery can put on the side of the arrangement like falling out. Try to choose long same scale flowers and greeneries because length can be adjusted, but  long stems will not go well with small pieces.

Choosing Vase

Go with solid or opaque vases only because clear glass or plastic will show the stems of silk flower. A solid vase will hide the strings and so the arrangement will look more real. If you want true garden feel then instead of vase choose a big container like ceramic pitchers or cookie jars. The size of vase also matters, the flowers should correctly fill in the container. Flowers can spill out, but do not allow overwhelming the container and it should not be so large that it covers the flowers.


Spread the flowers you have chosen on a table and arrange them according to the size. Take first the highest, then middle level and then denser clusters and grasp the flowers from the stems and hold it and make it in the right formation. Add greenery on the back and sides of arrangement and use some denser pieces for filling up the back and add spray pieces on the sides. Carefully lay the arrangement on the table and hold it and with a cutter, cut the stems in the right length so that it can sit properly in the vase.