Tips for Keeping the Flowers Fresh Longer in a Vase

flowers in vaseThere are many ways that can help you to keep those lovely flowers fresh for a longer time in the vase.

Make sure the vase is tidy and there is no previous residue in it.

You must always keep the flower vase or the container in which flowers are arranged filled with fresh clean water.

Organize your flowers by always cutting minimum 1" from the bottom of each stem and get rid of all the leaves in the lower portion of the stem so that not a single leaf goes inside the water and the water stays fresh. If you cut the stems diagonally the flowers will remain fresh longer as this way they receive more in vase

Change the water daily or every alternate day, empty out the old water completely and fill some fresh water.

Always place the vase away from any heat source like a heater, oven, or sunny windows. One more thing that you can do is to keep the flowers in cooler spot every night like the cold basement, the refrigerator or balcony.

Remove any dried fern or leaves or petals daily, you can also add one or two fresh leaves or flowers so that arrangement always looks full.arranging flowers in vase

How to further enhance the flower arrangement in a vase

You can use vase or any other container that you think will suit the flowers and the décor of your house for the flower arrangement. If you are using clear glass flower vase you can always add some pebbles or coloured marbles, coloured glass beads or stones in the base, this will not only support the flowers better but also will provide arrangement with an attractive finish. Any vessel present in your house can be used as a vase as long as you have great ideas to decorate it beautifully.floral12

Once you are happy with the flower arrangement you have done just place the vase flower arrangement anywhere in the home, be it the bedroom, living room or your working desk, it is surely going to brighten up the room and add fragrance and colour to your life.