Tips To Save Money On Flower Arrangement For Wedding

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Here are some amazing guidelines to save money on flower arrangement on the wedding day without compromising on the look and the style.

  • Use flowers that are in season
  • Use less flowers, but with great care for the right effect

Rather than covering the entire wedding venue with fresh flowers you can try some other alternatives like candles or lovely leafy and plants or even artificial flowers. You can have rose petals scattered in the right places to get the right effect. Rose petals in huge vessels filled with coloured water and floating candles can be very romantic, aromatic and beautiful, also you can scatter rose petals in the tables and get a lovely scented basket

  • Look for alternates

The pillars and the corners can be decorated with artificial flowers or silk they look equally bright and fresh. Nowadays you can get artificial flowers that look as good as natural flowers in much lesser cost or even rent. Silk clothes and hangings also can look nice if placed strategically.

  • Use Cheaper Flowers

The bridesmaids can carry cheaper flowers like carnations or even green bouquets made of leaves and herbs or even some brightly coloured fruits with maybe one highlighted flower to make it look different yet lovely.

  • Reuse the flowers

The flowers can always be reused, like after the wedding ask your decorator to move the same flowers to the reception hall. The bouquets can be easily reused for decorating the reception area or the tables or columns, just make sure that the flowers arrive and get arranged nicely before the guests start coming in.07_flowers

  • Use vases or leafy arrangements on tables

At any wedding the guests spend a lot of time in tables so it is essential that centrepiece or the look of the table is gorgeous and lovely. But instead of traditional flowers you can use spectacular vases, green plants or lovely leaves in a fascinating vase the other option is to float some flowers in a gorgeous looking bowl. Another great idea is to opt for planted leafy arrangements.flower-deco

  • Try to avoid dates that are famous

Try not to get married on dates like the Valentine’s Day as all the flowers will be exuberantly priced that day, every florist will charge you extra for decorations and even simple flower bouquets.

  • Get married in a natural surrounding or in a garden

If you pick a gorgeous natural venue for a wedding instead of a church or a hotel it will obviously mean less decoration and a great wedding.

  • Decorate the flowers on your own

Hiring a florist can be quite expensive, so another great way in saving money is to buy flowers online or get them at wholesale price from your local florist and then decorating it on your own with the help of your friends and family. Just make a list of all the creative and talented friends or family and ask them to help you in decorating the wedding floral

No doubt that no wedding is complete without fresh and stunning wedding flowers, but with a little thinking and these above mentioned tips you can have great wedding that will look extravagant and nice but will not leave a hole in your budget.