To the Brides-to-Be: Listen to what your Wedding Florist has to Say!

To the Brides-to-Be: Listen to what your Wedding Florist has to Say!

Quite contrary to the common perception, a wedding floral designer is more than just a person trying to come up with ways to arrange flowers. Flowers are indispensible to a wedding and have the capacity to make or break the wedding décor. While flowers are the most expensive and elaborate décor item you have invested in, it is important that they are arranged to enhance the wedding décor as well as to make your big day as grand as it should bride

Share your Views but Trust your Florist:

Every girl wants to make her marriage a big fat one and it is totally justified to have expectations. Make sure you break the ice and talk to him and his team about the flower arrangements you have in mind. But also make sure to tell him that you trust his design instincts too.
florist trust

A little flexibility never hurts!

Sometimes, what we have in mind doesn’t work well with the architecture of the venue or the designer might have something more extraordinaire in his mind for the venue. For instance, the large and tall floral centerpieces you want for your wedding site may obstruct the side of the ocean, ruining a natural romantic view and wonderful photo opportunity.

It is better to let the wedding flower arrangement become a two-side communication where both sides are open for suggestions.

Remember, trust is the key to every relationship and probably, the first lesson to trust starts with your florist! ;)

little flexible

Wedding Flower Arrangements don’t come Cheap:

No matter how difficult it is to believe, there are numerous logistics and channels involved in flower cultivation that make flowers a pricey affair. So, when you are selecting flowers for wedding décor, act surprised if you want to but also understand that wedding florists have to work day and night to fulfill the expectations and do justice to the photograph you showed him on the Pinterest. And after all, the floral arrangements are never just flowers. A wedding designer use a variety of flowers, vases, clothes, floral tape, floral foam, peanut styrofoam and ribbons to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the arrangement.  Not to mention working under the enormous pressure of keeping the flower safe and getting them shipped to the venue all fresh and peppy.

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Season and Budget. Repeat.

Every wedding arrangement is based on these two words, season and budget. Rose is a perennial flowering plant, and the flowers are available in spring and summer. Orchids, on the other hand, depending on their variety, have different blooming seasons. And of course, there is a sea difference between the pricing of daisies and peonies. That stands true for the pricing of every flower, in fact. So, whenever you find yourself gushing about the elaborate plans regarding wedding flower decoration, chant this mantra with me, season and budget!

But ruling the expensive ones out is simply not an option! Orchids create everlasting impression and ooze ethereal charm and peonies give other worldly feel to the wedding. Roses are still considered to be the ‘love’ flowers but they are mundane, cliché and overused by the love-fuelled teenage couples. Go for less but do more with it!


No Last-Minute Decisions, Please!

It is always better to keep aside flower budget beforehand and start searching for your florist when you have time.  If it is a full-blown wedding season and you wait till the eleventh hour, not only the charges will be high but the chances of getting quality and fresh flowers from ArenaFlowers are also reduced considerably. So, make sure you have talked over to the florists well in advance and hired one.

What your florist know about your preference, works in your favor to make your marriage even more luxe and magnificent! What he knows can work in your advantage to utilize the space well and give the best value of your money.