Top 10 Flower Garden to visit in Chennai

Here is a list of Best Gardens in Chennai City

The city of Chennai is not just famous for its delicious south Indian cuisine, but it offers the best gardens and parks to relax your body and mind. This city is constantly evolving in terms of modernity and infrastructure. You must be a wonder with such advanced infrastructure and modernity, is there any natural spot to relax with friends and family in the arms of Mother Nature. 

The answer to this doubt is in Chennai itself. Chennai has not forgotten its traditions and cultures. This city in Tamil Nadu houses the perfect harmony of tradition and modernity. Our beautiful city of Chennai has the most exotic beaches while lush green beds of Mother Nature, which will bring the much-needed peace that your soul has been craving for since so many days. 

 Let us take a tour of our beautiful city and explore the top five gardens to visit in Chennai. 

 1.      Semmozhi Poonga Botanical Garden in Chennai

 This lush green land holds Mother Nature to its dearest while providing the perfect mixture of nature and modernity in this park. The park was made in the year 2010 on November 10th. This is the first botanical park that is based in Chennai. 

Its beauty is beyond comparison in accordance with other gardens and parks of the city. This mesmerizing park is preferred by tourists all over India because of its natural beauty with a modern touch. This park houses a total of 500 species of plants, which even includes medicinal herbs along with rare and on the verge of extinction plants.The engineers have divided the park into eight time zones with different themes to attract tourists. 

 2.      Guindy National Park in Chennai

botanical flower garden in Chennai

Guindy national park is the eighth smallest national park that is housed in the city of Chennai. While this park provides the much-needed greenery to the city, it also houses various animals and varieties of plants and trees.

The beauty of this park is preferred by visitors for long walks and is considered a great destination to relax and have some time with Mother Nature. The park consists of various fields of greenery, small mountain tops, lakes, and many more, which just add to the beauty of the park.

This is considered the lungs of greenery in the city of Chennai and is one of the most prized destinations to visit in Tamil Nadu. 

 3.      Secretariat Park in Chennai

Secretariat flower garden in Chennai

As said earlier, Chennai does not forget to respect Mother Nature and add a pinch of modernity in each place. This newly built modern park is housed in the heart of Chennai. This park is placed in near the Chennai opposite of the secretariat near St. George Fort. This was in its early days was abandoned wasteland, which was then converted into a beautiful park, which is now considered one of the most beautiful parks to visit all over India. 

This beautiful flower garden in Chennai is considered perfect for walks and to spend some time with Mother Nature while listening to some soothing music and lying down on the lush green grass. People visit this park to just look at the sunset from this location. This is one sight that you will not want to miss. 

 4.      Arignar Anna Zoological Park in Chennai

Arignar Anna Zoological garden in Chennai

This park is located in the area of Vandalur; the residents also call it Vandalur Zoo. This beautiful sub-tropical land contains the most varieties of animals and plenty of different varieties of plants. This zoo houses one of the largest collections of 3000 species of floral and medicinal plants in their nursery. This is ideal for visiting with your family to spend some time in the arms of Mother Nature. 

This beautiful zoo is located about 31 kilometers away from the heart of Chennai. At the same time, this park opened its gates in the year 1855 while it gained its fame from being the largest zoo in India. This Zoological Park houses a variety of 46 endangered species in its massive 602 hectares of lush green land. 

 5.      May Day Flower Garden in Chennai

This is one of the oldest parks that is still functional and loved by the city. Therefore, this park is considered the heritage among various parks in the city. Originally, this park was named Napier Park, but later on, this parkway named to May Day Park. 

This park has a rich heritage as this spark has housed many political rallies and May Day celebrations. With its rich heritage now, this park is used to play cricket matches and football matches in its massive ground.This park is located in the area of Chintadripet of the Chennai city, while it first opened its gates in the year 1950. This ground is loved by its visitors for long walks or jogging and yoga. 

6. Pallikaranai Wetlands in Chennai

The Pallikaranai Wetlands is a large marshy area that hosts many minatory birds during winters. It is a popular spot for the nature lover and bird watchers. After all, who wouldn’t love the sight of hundreds of birds roaming around freely? It is spread over a large area of 80 kilometers in diameter and is one of the best bird sanctuaries of Chennai.

The wetlands also have a conservation area where lots of plants can be found. It is a treat for nature enthusiasts who flock the wetlands with cameras in their hands.

7. Adyar Eco Park in Chennai

The ecosystem of Chennai is fast deteriorating because of the rising urbanization. An eco-park would be the best getaway for you and your friends as it will take you closer to nature’s heart. You can spend your time looking at the lush-green forest or watching the exotic birds. It has been conserved and protected all these years from rampant deforestation.

The best thing about this park is that it is covered by water. Nearly 60% of the park consists of water bodies. It has fantastic estuary with breathtaking views.

8. Madhavaram Botanical Gardens in Chennai

If you are a botanist or love plants and trees, you need to visit this botanical garden. It has 400 species of exotic flowers and has plenty of water bodies. The glasshouse contains a variety of plants and flowers and is a major attraction of this garden.

There is a theatre that hosts plays about conserving the ecosystem and also shows visitors a variety of rare plants and flowers.

9. Arignar Anna Zoological Park in Chennai

Located in the heart of Chennai, the Arignar Anna Zoological Park boasts of an extensive collection of exotic flora and fauna. The park has some of the rarest flowers and trees. The major attractions are the wild animals who have found a home in the shades of the park.

It is spread over 602 hectares and is the perfect place to visit with your friends for a relaxed evening.

10. Nageshwara Rao Park in Chennai

The Nageshwara Rao Park in Chennai is one of the most urban gardens. It has a special area for housing events and musical shows. The garden has various play sections and green spaces where people can meditate. There are several pathways where you can run or jog. It requires no entry fee and is perfect for both adults and kids. 

 Nature doesn’t wait any longer, pack your bags and visit these parks and have that much-needed closure with nature that your heart has been craving for since so long.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.         Which is the best park for kids in Chennai?

The Nageshwara Rao park is perfect for toddlers and kids as it has distinct play areas for kids of every age group. From swings to see-saws, you will find many play equipment in the park. There are plenty of shady trees under which kids can rest after they are tired of playing. All the swings and slides are frequently cleaned to maintain hygiene and prevent infections. Proper care has been taken to ensure the safety of kids while playing. 

2.         Where can you hang out with your friends in Chennai?

Parks are the perfect places to hang out with your friends. The Secretariat park in Chennai is ideal for your friends as it is located in the central suburbs of the city. There is a sprawling lawn with lush green grass on which you can lie down and talk with your friends. The park is perfect for clicking pictures as the locations are scenic and beautiful. Take a stroll around the walkways or sit beside the fountains to relax your mind. 

3.         What are the best parks for families in Chennai?

Chennai has plenty of places where you can spend quality time with your family. The Guindy National Park and Semhoozi Poonga Botanical garden are perfect places for weekend getaways with your family. Escape to the laps of nature and enjoy natural greenery all around you. The parks have benches and seating areas where you can sit and relax. Most of the parks have food joints adjacent to them, so you can buy some snacks and have the best evening together.