Have you ever seen a water garden with multiple pretty aquatic flowers in it? Who would not love such a sight? Picture yourself by the side of a pond garden doing nothing but simply lying down or sitting back in peace, just marvelling at the beauty the aquatic flowers in it. Sounds like a dream right? Let us introduce you to some of these beauties, the most breath taking aquatic flowers, which are surely going to lure you into maintaining your own water garden.

Big dark pink Lotus Flower photoLOTUS

Believe us when we say this that no pond garden can ever be created without a Lotus flower in it. It is one of the oldest, prettiest and the most famous aquatic flowers that can take the beauty of any water garden to the next level. These flowers can be grown in any shallow pond or lake by rooting them in the mud of it. Lotuses need direct sunlight for growth and hence these can’t survive in cold climatic conditions. A lotus flower opens in the morning and closes by the evening. Generally found in white or pink colours, these flowers produce a pleasant fruity fragrance.


This one is probably the most beautiful aquatic flower in the world. Water lilies can be grown by rooting deep in the soil of any pond or other shallow water body. These flowers could be found in a variety of colours like purple, pink, yellow, orange, white, red, peach and blue, and about 70 different known species across the world. Also, they tend to provide shelter to a variety of species of fish and invertebrates in any pond or water body that they are grown. Not just this but water lilies also keep the water clean by reducing the amount of growing algae in it.This eye-pleasing versatile flower can truly accent any water garden.



Famous for its striking violet to blue coloured flowers, water hyacinth can add a pleasing splash of colour to any water garden. This flower grows well in streams, ponds, lakes as well as ditches. They need full sun to thrive, can absorb excessive nutrients from the water and can also help reduce algae from it. Another thing about water hyacinths is that they are a vigorous reproducer. You leave them to flourish in any pond and soon you will have your garden full of this gorgeous flower. In case, you don’t want this to happen and need space for some other aquatic flowers too, just keep removing excess hyacinths so as to avoid their reproducing further.


Water Iris is amongst the most favourite aquatic flowers of pond garden owners. This flower comes in a variety of different species in colours ranging from yellow to blue or white. Water Iris is initially planted in a pot which is then submerged in water to flourish further. It can grow well in partial shade as well as under full sun. Its seeds germinate quite freely hence it is advisable to clip off seed heads just before they fully mature so as to avoid unwanted spreading of Water iris in your water garden.


Water Hawthorn is unquestionably one of the best aquatic flowers for any water garden. Besides the extremely beautiful tiny white flowers that can make any pond garden look mesmerising, the long and narrow floating leaves of Hawthorns are also quite attractive to look at.Such is the versatility of these pretty white flowers having a pleasant vanilla like fragrance that they can also be used as an aquarium plant.


The quaint lemon-yellow coloured flowers with red-brown centres and the dark green, round shaped leaves are what make Water Poppies an outstanding addition to any water garden. These flowers tend to grow fairly quickly in summer and can also help in filtering the water. Like a perfect floating plant, poppies also help in providing shade to the fish that may be living in the pond thereby keeping them protected from birds and other predators. One can rightly call Water poppies as one of nature’s most elegant floating plants.

A water garden, be it small or a large one, can be an attractive addition to any landscape while being a great shelter for aquatic wildlife. Apart from the once listed above, there are several other varieties of floating or submerged aquatic plants that can do wonders to any water garden. Just be careful while adding any invasive flower species to your garden and ensure that you choose only those aquatic flowers that are well suited for the available space of your water garden.