diy-insect-repellant-537x350Insects and mosquitoes are awful! They may be great for birds or reptiles who feed on them but you do not want them hanging around in your garden or home. Now who wants to keep their body covered with mosquito repelling creams or their home reeking of chemical sprays? You can be relieved for there are a few flowers that you may find pleasant, and lucky for you that the scent of these flowers may help keep mosquitoes and insects at bay. Read on to know more!


Marigolds can be a beautiful addition to any flower bed or garden. An interesting factor about these pretty blooms is that they have a unique scent that is unbearable to mosquitoes and aphids. Not just this, even the roots of this flower is well known for having nematode repelling qualities and hence it is preferred by farmers a lot. You can grow them in containers to be placed on your patios or open screened windows; place them at the entrances or around borders of your home and watch these flowers act as barriers for mosquitoes and insects.


There is no denying the fact that Lavender can be a welcome addition to any garden as it is not only a beautiful flower but it also smells like heaven. Did you know that this gorgeous purple flowering plant is also a natural mosquito repellent? Yes, it is true that the soothing and calming scent of Lavender is disliked by the mosquitoes as well as many insects. Try placing tied bouquets of this flower in your house or plant it near entryways and keep those areas mosquito and insect-free.


This strongly aromatic daisy-like flower with white petals around a yellow centre is an excellent mosquito and insect repellent. It can be easily grown in a wide variety of soil and light conditions.This hardy plant works as a great barrier for mosquitoes when planted close to winds or doorways, around pathways or near outdoor seating areas.


Known as Pyrethrum Chrysanthemums, these flowers may not repel mosquitoes so much but they do help keep away a whole host of other insects and bugs like aphids, ticks, spider mites, roaches, fleas etc. These blooms look like daisies and it is needless to mention that they look gorgeous. This flower is so effective as an insect-repellent that it is even used in a lot of indoor sprays, pet shampoos etc.

Isn’t the whole idea of fighting back against insects and mosquitoes naturally, without having to engage in a chemical warfare or sticky sprays, quite comforting? All you need to do is strategically place these mosquito/insect-repelling plants inside or outside your house and you may be able to enjoy sitting in your outdoor areas or by your open window minus the pesky buzz around!