Tulips Meaning and History of Tulip Flower

Tulips Meaning

Tulips are available in a range of colour and each color has a different meaning. Unlike red roses meaning, they don’t hold a designated space to express romance.  They aren’t as bright as sunflowers either. They have a distinctive shape, much unlike many flowers you see around and this makes them special. If you relate to the Japanese form of embracing imperfection, this is your flower to say all you have been wanting to express. If you understand that a relationship has its shares of ups and downs, but the perfection lies in accepting each other, the way you are, then, there can’t be a perfect flower than tulip to convey your love and romance to your loved one!tulips meaning & history

Tulips History

Europeans gave tulips its name, which loosely translates to ‘turban’ in Persian, also referring to their turban-like look when fully bloomed. The flower originated in Persia and Turkey and in Turkish tradition, you can still find people wearing tulips on their turban with the traditional attire.  At present, the tulips are grown all over the world.

Gorgeous Tulips with its MeaningTulips farms in netherlands

Tulips are mainly associated with the idea of perfect love. Due to their wide range of varieties and colours, tulips have become the perfect choice for cut flower arrangements.

While their different colour can be interpreted into different meanings in different contexts, it is the romance that they represent and express. The velvety centre of the bloom is seen as a lover’s heart, overwhelmed with, submerged in and sabotaged by passion.

The backstory of linking tulips with romance also goes back to some centuries. The story revolves around a prince named Farhad and a princess Shirin. It is believed that Farhad killed himself upon hearing the news of sudden demise of the princess and tulips bloomed from his blood.

  • Red tulip is the 11th wedding anniversary flower and rightly so. With each passing year, you are aware of each other’s weaknesses and strength and yet, you choose to stay together, because you are incomplete without your life partner. This is the idea of perfect love! Isn’t it?
  • Yellow tulips signify hope, warmth and brightness that one’s future holds.
  • Royalty and opulence are best represented by purple tulips whereas white tulips represent forgiveness. If you want to say, ‘I’m Sorry’, say it with white tulips!

Together, these flowers bring a harmonious, synergistic and delightful feel onboard, making the bunch the perfect choice to celebrate a special occasion!