Types and Meaning of Green Flowers

Green Flowers Meaning

Green flowers are a godsend! Reverberating nature’s true and calming hue, green flowers are mainly associated with good fortune, prosperity, health and resilience.  They send a message of hope and shows the recipient a hope that everything will be alright. Soon.

This series on green blooms at Arena Flowers gives you the lowdown on their meaning, types and the occasion when you can send them. Read on!

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Types of Green Flowers

When to gift green flowers?

Green flowers are the perfect gift for people who could use a ray of hope in their lives. Send your best wishes to someone you love on their new beginnings with green flowers. You can also send green flowers to your board members or employees on special accomplishments. Green flowers look as a standalone floral arrangement as well as when juxtaposed against all-season blooms.

Noted for their long, narrow petals that cover the entire flower head, Spider Mums are spring blooms that come in many different colors. The drooping petals resemble spider legs which is where it got its name. Green blooms are also a fascinating choice for spring-themed decorations and to bring positive vibes or a dash of nature in your living space.

Shades of Green Flowers

Green flowers vary in colours. They are available in different shades of green. Here are different types of green flowers that you can find around for real!

Green Cymbidium Orchid

Brighten up your garden or the day of your loved one with green cymbidium orchid flowers. The green orchids are lime green in colour and would grow only when they receive full sun.  The flowers blossom in winter. They grow in multiple numbers on each stem. They are believed to be an aphrodisiac.

Green Orchid Flowers

Anastasia Spider Mum

The plant belongs to daisy family and is relatively easy to maintain. These are a type of chrysanthemums and have large flower heads. The green spider flowers have become the main feature in wedding bouquets these days and stand for liveliness.Anastasia spider mum

Bells of Ireland

The cup-shaped papery green flowers are making ripples since the 1500s, even before green flowers were considered cool. Quite contrary to its name, the flower originated in Turkey and not Ireland. Bells of Ireland stands for good luck and is the favourite choice for many gardeners because of their longevity and easy availability.bells of ireland - Green Flowers


Anthurium changes colour and turns green when it is forced into a blooming phase. Besides, the old spathe would fade into green colour itself. By changing the intensity of light and duration, you can produce green anthurium flowers. The flowers are originally red in colour and have heart-shaped petals.Green Anthurium

Zinnia - Green Flower

Zinnia flowers are available in a rainbow of colours and green is one of them.  The flowers have daisy-like heads and a slender stem.  Zinnia is a happy looking flower can brighten up your living space.Zenia green flowers


The best part about hydrangea flowers is that you can see a rainbow blooming on the stem! Different shades such as blues, red, pink and green hydrangea can grace your garden by changing the pH of the potting mix. The large head and deep colour of hydrangea flowers look lovely as cut flowers.Hydrangea green flower


The greyish-green or blue-green dianthus flowers are modified cultivars. Most varieties have sweet scent,however, some of the non-fragrant chrysanthemum varieties are used as men boutonnieres.  The large head of starry dianthus flowers is made of many small flowers. The plant is hardy and can be grown as annual, biennial or perennial. The flowers prefer sunlight and can be used for bedding and flower borders.Dianthus Flower Green