Types of Red Flowers

Red Flowers Types

Infographic of Red Flowers indiaRed flowers represent the matter of the heart. Red is the color of blood, the sign of liveliness and the sign of life in you. Hence, the matter of heart and life is regulated and represented by red flowers. The red flowers say it all. From ‘I love you’ to ‘I can’t live without you,’ from ‘I am pissed’ to ‘I am proud of you!’ When you find yourself fumbling for the right words to describe the situation and when you can’t figure out what might be the right gift for your special occasion, always trust the red flowers to do their job.

Red is the color of seduction and desire, which is time-bound. Hence, if you are planning to send red flowers to your soul mate, it is better to mix them up with white flowers so that you convey the right feeling, which is the desire of true and intense love.

Red blooms also represent strength and courage. They exude energy and positive vibes.red flowers meaning

List of Red Flowers are here:

Red RosesRed Roses

Roses don’t need a special introduction. In fact, when you say red flowers, it is the knee-jerk reaction of your mind to put a red rose as an image. Available in a number of colors and representing the most basic yet the most important emotion of our existence, roses are indispensable. Valentine’s Day, the day of love, is incomplete without roses. A red rose represents love, passion, and depth of a relationship. With white rose and red rose, you can express the most integral aspects of a relationship, which are desire, unconditional commitment, and love.

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Red PetuniaRed Petunia Flower

Red petunia represents passion and love. However, since the flowers are available in variegated shades and have lots of meaning, one of them is showing resentment and anger over what the recipient has done. The flower, however, is sent to realize that being with the recipient is all that matters. The contradictory meanings of red petunia flowers are something that can only be judged by the situation you are in. You can also go for a mixed petunia bouquet to avoid confusion and to convey only the feelings that you would want to convey.

Anthuriumred Anthurium flowers

The flower is also called tail flower and flamingo flower. It is an herbaceous epiphyte and usually grown for its bright flower spathe and ornamental value. The flower represents happiness and prosperity.

Red Cardinal FlowerRed Cardinal Flower

This American wildflower has tall spikes of intense red flowers. Since insects have trouble racing to the top of the spike hence, the flowers depend on hummingbirds for the pollination. The flowers are trumpet-shaped and stand tall against the green foliage. The blooming season of the flowers in summer to fall.

Red PoppyRed poppy Flower

In the west, red poppy flowers are linked to consolation, death, and remembrance. However, in Eastern countries, they symbolize love and success. In ancient Greece, the flowers were linked to the God of sleep, Morpheus due to its highly sedative effect. In Japan and China, red poppies are believed to be an excellent gift for couples as they represent deep and passionate love. The red poppy is called flowers of peace. These are often seen blooming at the war front after a war is over.

Red Trumpet CreeperRed Trumpet Creeper

The flower is trumpet-shaped and is, in fact, is a vine. The high climber can grow over 50 feet. Other than red, the flower comes in a palette of color. If you want to attract the hummingbirds to the canvas of your garden, this has to be your go-to option.

AnemoneRed Anemone flower

This is a herbaceous tuberous flowering plant. The flowers are available in four colors. The flowers have a black center. The flower grows in wild all over Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and Syria.

Red Pygmy Water LilyRed Pygmy Water Lily

This flower is native to Meghalaya. This small water lily is the perfect option for your garden if you have a shallow pond in your garden or backyard. It is slightly fragrant and has bright red petals with yellow stamens in the center. It represents innocence and association. The flowering season is June to September.

Red CarnationRed carnations flower

Red carnations come in a rainbow of colors. Even in red, they have two varieties. Light red carnation can help you express appreciation whereas dark red carnation conveys love and affection. It is believed that red carnations sprung from the tears of Virgin Mary.

Gerbera DaisyRed Gerbera daisy

Gerbera daisies are the fifth most popular cut flowers in the world after rose, carnation, mums, and tulips. They come in a variety of colors. Sometimes even one flower has different types of petals. Red daisies convey innocence, joy, and purity. If you want to lift your loved one’s mood up or wish to brighten their day, gerbera daisy is the perfect red flower you could gift them.

Amaryllisred Amaryllis flower

This gorgeous bold flower stands for determination, radiance, and beauty. It is believed that the flower sprung from the blood of a beautiful nymph of the same name. The trumpet-shaped crimson blooms stand tall and bold just like Amaryllis, the nymph, its creator.

Red Tulipsred tulips flowers

Red tulips stand for elegance, love, purity, and innocence. Legend has it that red tulips sprung from the blood of Farad, who was madly in love with Shirin and when he heard the news of her death, he ran over the edge of a cliff. It is the symbol of timeless pure love.

Red LiliesRed Lilies Flowers

Lilies are available in a variety of colors and are used to convey different emotions. Like red roses, red lilies also stand for passion, desire, and love. It has become the staple flower of weddings as they represent long-lasting companionship. If you want to celebrate your love and togetherness, you can’t find a better flower than red lilies to commemorate the special occasion.

Red Orchidsred orchids flowers

Orchids define opulence, beauty, and elegance. Red orchids represent courage, strength, passion, and desire. Red and blue orchids are a rare find and this is why they make for the perfect gift for people who have a unique place in your heart.