Unique Ways to Send or Arrange Flowers

Flower Vases that Aren’t Vases!

Flowers and a crystal vase, this is a ‘made for each other’ combination. But sometimes either we don’t have the perfect vase to display the cut flowers or we are looking for some change to perk up the look of floral arrangement. Sometimes the fresh flower bouquet isn’t delivered with its vase as well. Whatever is the case, you are going to have a plenty of options after you have completed reading this.

Flowers in a Wine Bottle:

flowers in craft stylish vasesDon’t fret if you don’t have a vase. You must have wine bottles at home.  Single-stem buds look exquisite and gorgeous in wine bottles. If you could arrange it well, you can put a bouquet quite elegantly in a wine bottle.  Just make sure to clean and rinse it off well with water before you put flowers in it.  Just get to your creative side a bit and wrap the wine bottle with burlap twine with the help of glue. It is wonderful contrast imagery, the soft flower against the ruggedness of twine.

Flowers in a Jar:

flowers in jarIf wine bottle isn’t your choice, you can use mason jars and jam bottles to arrange flowers. Add ribbon, burlap or a personalized note to enhance its appeal. Look lovely, aren’t they?

Flowers in a Bowl:

flowers in bowlDo you have a bowl and plate, which is a lone survivor of your old crockery set? Use it to put flowers and to adorn your Sunday brunch table. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Flowers in a Bulb:

flowers in bulbOrchids have the poise and grace of a ballerina. Their stems are their main attraction so, don’t hide them. Hang them in a small glass bottle or use the perfect DIY of light bulb to display your flowers. Though, you might have some difficulty to get the stuff out of a bulb with the help of pliers but once you do, it is going to be an adorable addition to your home.  Hang the bulb to the ceiling with the help of a silk ribbon or twine. Even roses and lavender look amazing in such arrangements.

Flowers in an Earthen Pot:

Flowers in an Earthen Pot:Bring home the rustic and ethereal feel with earthen pots and flowers.  While bringing a touch of calm, this arrangement is perfect for summer afternoons and the days, when you just want to slow down things a bit.

Flowers in a Tin Can or Milk Bottle:

Flowers in a Tin CanWhat to do of those bulky tin cans that are of no use once their content is finished or of the milk bottles that straddle here and there? Either you sell them in scrap or just toss them away. Better, use them as a vase!  If you are little strapped of space, you can hang the tin cans vertically or tie them up with a rope. Tin containers can be used to plant succulents too.

Flowers in a Teapot:

Flowers in a TeapotUse old kettles and teapots to plant flowers. The vintage appeal of the tea pots can increase the beauty of blooms exponentially. Let a couple of mismatched teapots adorn your dining space for a natural and gorgeous look ever!

Flowers in an Envelope:

Flowers in an EnvelopeWhat could be an awesome-r giveaway gift than flowers wrapped in handcrafted paper? If you want to give your gift a vintage look, take notes out from an old diary or a really old geography book with yellow pages to wrap the flowers.

Flowers in a Tea Cup:

flowers in a tea potYour tea cup isn’t just to drink your floral tea.  You can plant gorgeous flower buds or use them to display the flowers you have received.

The best thing about these vases that you don’t have to go to market or spend money to get these! These pretty items are easily available at home and you can totally make them even more beautiful with little DIY tricks!