What is the Meaning of Orchids?


The orchid is the most highly sought-after ornamental plant. They are exotic, delicate and overall they mean love, luxury, beauty and strength.They are also the flower of the 14th wedding anniversary …so the perfect bunch for sending to your partner, after 14 happy years of marriage.

These flowers are steeped in history, with different meanings across the world. The orchid certainly has sculptural beauty and historical rarity and these exotic flowers are now cultivated in a wide variety of colours and delicately shaped blossoms. Not only are they stunning on their own but adding them into an arrangement can send the message that you’re celebrating a very special occasion.


Variety of Orchids Meaning

There are about 25,000 different types of orchids that exist naturally and they’re one of the largest flowering plant families around. They have always been associated with rarity. This is amazing; some tropical species grow in almost isolated habitats and have never been seen more than a handful of times in the wild. They also depict luxury and refined tastes.

Orchids are truly stunning, being beautiful and delicate at the same time. Their shape is what makes them so unusual and sought after. Read on for the different meanings of these amazing flowers.

Orchids are long-lasting and as we’ve said they’re particularly elegant, making them an ideal gift for many different types of occasions. Giving the gift of an orchid certainly, captures someone’s attention. They induce a sense of refinement and elegance, so you know you’re complimenting your receiver! The meanings of orchids are so special that you will definitely find one that will express the right message whatever the occasion.

Let’s get onto what they mean, and they have much different meaning.


Ancient Times Orchid Flower Meaning

In Ancient Greece, they believed that the orchid was a symbol of fertility and virility. It was believed that eating the flower would determine the sex of an unborn child. If the mother ate small orchid tubers, they would have a girl, while if the father ate a large tuber they would have a boy. Orchids could be a fantastic gift for someone is expecting a baby.

In Victorian England the orchid came to mean luxury, hardly surprising when you think about the rarity of the flower, as they can be hard to find, except in tropical locations. To afford this flower, you would certainly have to be rich. The meaning of luxury still lives on today. In the Victorian era, the orchid also represents a beautiful lady.

Today, orchids are strongly associated with perfection and beauty and are thought of as a symbol of rare and delicate beauty. The reason for this is due to their unique shape. There are of course straight lines that run through the flower have also added to the meaning of perfection and beauty, but why? It is seen that beauty is found in balance and symmetry. There are a number of colour choices when it comes to orchids with its meaning, which will give you plenty of choice when it comes to finding the right orchids for you.

Orchids flower also symbolise love and affection. It can now be grown anywhere, and can survive and thrive under many conditions, which is why it symbolises love. In the Victorian era, they believed that presenting an orchid as a gift, which was difficult to find, meant that the love showed a deeper affection and was spilling over with emotions. A pink orchid symbolises pure affection. The Cattleya orchid means charm and they’re often worn in corsages for Mother’s Day.

orchidAs we mentioned, there are different meanings the world over and the Ancient Chinese though of the orchid as a symbol of having many children. It also means refinement and innocence.

Orchid Meaning in Japan

In Japan, the Neofinitiafalcata has a long history associated with the Samurai culture. This amazing flower has been treasured by Japanese royalty due to its stunning foliage and fragrance. It is associated with wealth and nobility. The Samurai warriors would travel far and wide in the hunt for the orchid and bring them back to the royal court. If they were successful in their mission, they were considered as extremely brave.

The Aztecs on the other hand apparently drank a mixture of Vanilla orchid and chocolate in the belief that this would give them power and strength.

As you can see there are many meanings to the beautiful flower, but whatever meaning you take out of it, you will no doubt thrill the receiver! Take a look at our collection of orchids at Arena Flowers, India and find the perfect bunch of orchids.