Why Red is the colour of choice for Flowers on Valentine’s Day

There is plenty of history when it comes to why we actually send flowers on Valentine’s Day that dates back to Victorian times

In the 17th Century, flowers already started to become part of the Valentine's Day traditions. Roses were used the most as they represented love. But how did they come to represent love? Apparently, roses were Venus’ favourite flower, the Goddess of Love, and she believed that they stood for strong feelings. Because of this, roses became the flower of choice on Valentine’s Day, particularly due to Venus’ attraction to the flower.

Why is red so unbelievably popular? Nowadays, other colours are sent on Valentine’s Day, but red is still by far the most common color.red roses

Each colour has a significant meaning, and when you’re sending a bouquet of flowers it’s important to make sure you getthe colour right, so that you get your meaning across properly. So if you’re thinking of sending some red roses this Valentine’s Day, then take a read on to see what your message means.

  • Red is the colour of blood and fire, and because of this it is closely associated with passion, desire, longing, romance, sensitivity, joy, strength, leadership, courage, vigour and willpower, action, vibrancy, radiance and determination. They certainly have a strong bond to love! So if you want to portray all these feelings, then red flowers should be the choice for you, and you’ll be sure that your loved one knows that there is no doubt about your feelings for them.
  • But there’s a bit more to red than meets the eye. You can show the love of your life that you’re assertive, daring, determined, energetic, powerful, enthusiastic, impulsive and exciting. Surely that will have them weak at the knees.
  • The colour red is also actually linked to the most primitive physical, emotional, and financial needs for survival and self-preservation. Show them you’re a survivor and a fighter!
  • But there are two sides to the meaning of the colour red…it is an intense and beautiful colour that is just jam-packed with emotion from passion, to intense love and even to anger and violence – so it really represents both sides of the coin. It’s both hot and strong and stimulates excitement and energy.
  • There have been studies done, and they show that red can actually create physical effects like elevates blood pressure, feeling of deep romance, increased breathing, higher levels of enthusiasm, energy and increased confidence.
  • However when we talk about red related to anger and violence, these meanings date back some time and these symbolisms were more related to fighting and war, so they don’t actually relate to flowers. So, you won’t be sending out messages of anger!

valentines-trendsWhat does the colour red make you do?

Well the first thing it does is that it focuses your attention quickly, so when that red bouquet is delivered you’ll know that it is being noticed and not forgotten! It also makes people take action quickly and make quick decisions.

More Facts about the Colour Red

  • We’ve spoken about power and courage, but did you know that the colour red is the basis for the traditional red power tie or red suits in business, and of course the red carpet for celebrities? So yes, you are powerful and courageous too!
  • This is amazing! Too much red helps them to reduce their temper, agitation levels, and anger and become less demanding and oppressive. Too little red makes people lethargic and whiny and sometimes manipulative. Also, if someone is exhausted, add a bit more red to increase their energy. If you want to get those behaviours under control, add a bit of green to your flower bouquet and it’s all sorted!
  • Did you know that the colour red is associated with the fortieth wedding anniversary, so if you’re celebrating that wonderful milestone, then a red bouquet could be your answer too?
  • There is a difference between red roses with thorns and those without. Without thorns they are a symbol of passion, love, and romance. While with thorns it typically shows a struggle and challenge that’s been associated with the journey of love. It can be joyful, fulfilling and delicate, but sometimes painful and cruel.


We’ve got a fantastic choice of Valentine’s Day bouquets to choose from including chocolates and teddy bears, take a look and let the love shine through with the mighty and powerful colour of red!